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Coming from a corporate leadership role as a district manager of 5 stores, our specialty is bringing "intrapreneur-like" characteristics into  work environments and giving middle managers  the tools to become the CEO of their unique role. 

They bridge the gap between what's happening at the corporate office and what's happening at the associate level. You may even find that a lot of the leaders filling these roles have never actually led people before. How ironic is that? Investing in the success of your first-time people leaders can drive extraordinary achievements for your organization. At T O'Hara Consulting, we specialize in empowering and nurturing these emerging leaders, recognizing the pivotal role they play in driving company results. Through personalized coaching, immersive training, and innovative strategies, we unlock the untapped potential within your first-time leaders, enabling them to thrive in their roles and lead their teams to unparalleled success. Join us on this transformative journey of cultivating confident and capable leaders who will elevate your organization through profits, efficiencies, and culture maintenance. 

Your Middle Managers Are The Glue.

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  • An overall decrease in retention of 37% on average in leadership roles.

  • Leaders report feeling significantly more equipped to lead their teams, feeling a deduction in workplace stress, and having a more positive outlook.

  • An increase in department capacity by 15-20% by creating more efficiencies within their roles.

The Numbers:

Through the impactful work we've done with our clients, they've been able to achieve record-breaking results like:

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All proposals are completely custom and vary in investment levels. On our consultation, I will gather more info about you and your company needs. From there I will craft a proposal that fits within your set budget! 

Consulting and workshops are all hybrid (virtual & in-person) services. You’ll have access to me through a Client Portal where you can book sessions and schedule in-person training times/workshops.

  • Creating and maintaining phenomenal company culture
  • Tough conversations as a leader
  • Aligning the team with the company vision
  • Becoming the CEO of your role
  • Efficient communication and delegation
  • How to lead as a first time leader
  • Or any specific topic needed!

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