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Coming from a corporate leadership role as a district manager of 5 stores, my specialty is bringing intrapreneur-like characteristics into stale work environments and giving employees the tools to become the CEO of their unique role. 

  • Improve team retention 

  • Create incredible company culture where people want to work

  • Reduce payroll hours by restructuring operations in efficient and effective ways

The Numbers:

In my career, I’ve hired and fired hundreds of personnel.
In my own business, I lead a team of 5.
In my programs, I’ve served 75+ CEOs and helped them:


The problem with typical consulting is that the person teaching you how to lead and manage millennial talent isn’t a… millennial. What better insight than to come directly from an esteemed consultant who has become the top choice in the industry but also has direct experience leading and hiring the very people you have on your team. The saying goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” The same logic applies to millennial dominated workplaces. Old tricks don’t impress a new dog. You can view my past work experience here:

No, but as your consultant I can provide you with resources and leadership training to make the recruitment process easier for your company.

Consulting and workshops are all hybrid (virtual & in-person) services. You’ll have access to me through a Client Portal where you can book sessions and schedule in-person training times/workshops.

Creating and maintaining phenomenal company culture
Tough conversations as a leader
Aligning the team with the company vision
Becoming the CEO of your role

Making you the delegator, not the doer







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