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Operations Consulting

Coming from a corporate leadership role as a district manager of 5 stores, my specialty is bringing intrapreneur-like characteristics into stale work environments and giving employees the tools to become the CEO of their unique role. 

  • Improve team retention 

  • Create incredible company culture where people want to work

  • Reduce payroll hours by restructuring operations in efficient and effective ways

The Numbers:

In my career, I’ve hired and fired hundreds of personnel.
In my own business, I lead a team of 5.
In my programs, I’ve served 75+ CEOs and helped them:


All proposals are completely custom and vary in investment levels. On our consultation, I will gather more info about you and your company needs. From there I will craft a proposal that fits within your set budget! 

Consulting and workshops are all hybrid (virtual & in-person) services. You’ll have access to me through a Client Portal where you can book sessions and schedule in-person training times/workshops.

  • Creating and maintaining phenomenal company culture
  • Tough conversations as a leader
  • Aligning the team with the company vision
  • Becoming the CEO of your role
  • Or any specific topic needed!

Making you the delegator, not the doer







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