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You Can't Do It All,

Start scaling with systems, operations and the support you need to stay in your CEO lane in one day.

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You prioritized your operational foundation, built scalable offers, sustainable systems, and hired self-sufficient, motivated team members  

→ You’re reaping the long term benefits like 
→ Only working on CEO tasks
→ Making more money 
→ adopting hobbies 
→ Going on vacation 
→ Introducing all your friends to Tatiana

Hire Again

or Maybe...

You’ve made your first hire and are figuring out this leadership stuff. Things are smooth sailing for a while ~until~ things start to spin out of control again. 

That’s where your growth plateaus. No, thank you. Hard pass. 


or Hire...

have 3 choices

you want to be here

You’ve been doing just fine, but now you’ve reached a ceiling in your business, and you’re trying to figure out how your team needs to pivot so you can scale past 6 figures. 


Introducing the only day you’ll ever need


Walk away with a scalable internal team structure and a tangible roadmap to your next few years scaling your business – in 5 hours. 


but the

  • Hiring Strategy
  • Delegation
  • Practices
  • Team Structure
  • Leadership Development
  • Vision + Values for your Company
  • KPI’s & SOP’s 
  • Elevation
  • And conducting hard conversations 

Here are just some of the things we’ll come in our VIP Day. 


built in a day,

Big businesses

plans can be.

“She found holes and gaps in our team and systems that I didn't even realize were there and THAT'S what was causing some things to slip through the cracks. What we mapped out will not only make us a way more efficient and optimized company but I'll have so much more time and space to live in my zone of genius while supporting my team in the way I want to. I'm beyond excited to implement what we mapped out and I know it's going to be so beneficial not only for team morale and efficiency but our revenue growth as well."

~Megan Yelaney
CEO of Megan Yelaney Inc

This experience is easily valued at at least $15,000.

We love a good

before and after

What could life look like after a VIP Day with me? 


  • Unclear on your plan for growth and overall vision

  • Realizing being "booked out" ain't all that cool

  • A team that relies directly on you to be able to function

  • Continuing to work endless hours on something someone else should have done

  • A DIY business foundation that's struggling to maintain

before your vip day

After your vip day


  • Crystal clear plan for the next year or more and exact plans on how to get there

  • Scalable offers that both feel good, and bring in recurring revenue

  • A kick ass, self sufficient, intrapreneurial-like, motivated team

  • Delegating with confidence and authority so you can focus *strictly* on CEO tasks

  • A firm foundation that can easily handle 7 figures without falling apart

Bring it to life!

How this works


We will (politely) rip your business apart and put it back together better than ever. From vision, to team structure, to efficient daily operations.. I've gotcha covered.

Hour 2

hour 1

Hour 3

Hour 4

Hour 5 & 6 brief snack break lol

Lunch Included

Review & Refine

Task Analysis

Lunch & Org Chart

Wrap it up

To wrap up your VIP day, we’ll button this thing up with all the leadership bells and whistles. We chat about your CEO schedule, how to have more effective meetings, tough convos that may need to be had, ideal training and onboarding for the team, and if we have time we can even dig into creating the hiring materials. But if not, don't worry. You'll leave with tons of templates and resources.

We’ll review and refine your CEO vision. We’ll look at where we are on that timeline and what needs to take place in the next 6 months to make it a reality.

Full task analysis on yourself and team members. This will tell us who is and isn't in the right seat currently. You will do some prework ahead of time so that we can dig fully into understanding what shifts need to be made team-wide.

We make this org chart come to life! We’ll create key performance indicators for each role (even the ones you don't have yet), talk about what SOPs we need and pull the immediate hires from the org chart. So you'll have both a big picture and a close-up of your plan. 

Lunch is included in both virtual VIP days (I’ll send you an Uber Eats gift card) and in-person. 

Now that we know the vision and the things each team member should be doing, we gotta dig into what the dream team needs to be to make this vision come into fruition. Not just mapping your next hire –the whole long-term team. You'll walk away with a comprehensive lifetime hiring plan. 

but make it sexy.

the agenda

"Working with Tatiana was one of the best investments I've made in my business. I needed someone who would push me to think BIGGER. I've mapped out how my company will grow to 100k months, and I've never felt more clear. the craziest thing was seeing how close I really am to achieving that goal. We're refining our team, and I even get to make some promotions! We also reworked my membership to make it more scaleable and profitable. Tatiana is incredible!"

~Erin Winters

I was thinking too small!


What's Included

Experience includes:

VIP Day 

Lifetime access to the call recording

 for easy reference in case things get sticky again and you need to revisit our action plan. 

Complete Next Steps Roadmap

Your 90-day implementation plan. Nobody likes leaving a VIP Day feeling overloaded with great info, but with no real plan or action steps. We develop this plan as we go and then do a full recap at the end with not only what to do, but who on the team should do it, and how!

A comprehensive workbook

A virtual workbook will arrive to your email doorstep the night before so you can take a peek. This workbook will guide us through our session and will house all of our notes (that I take) so you can sit back and truly only focus on the task at hand.

2 weeks of Voxer support post-VIP day

After our session, you’ll likely be reassigning tasks to team members, preparing to hire, restructuring your offers – and I’ll be in the back pocket the whole time for feedback. 


Grindaholics is best for those who have fewer to no team members and are wanting to learn the long term skills to have an efficient team. They likely don’t have the team to help them implement a whole lot right now.

VS The VIP Day is great for those with an established team that are in need of a clear solution asap. They’re looking for me to TELL them exactly what they need to do, and then take those marching orders back to the team. They don’t need six months of support because they want to implement very quickly. You’re likely experiencing a very painful team problem and need a fix soon, or they want to work with me to create a sustainable long term plan. GA- curriculum based. VIP Day- Tatiana tells you what do lol

Of course! It’s highly recommended that you bring your right hand. The person that will do most of the implementation following the session. We’ve seen a massssive increase in overall culture and buy in when your team member is able to see your business from an angle they likely would never have!

Making you the delegator, not the doer







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