Break your addiction to the grind inside…

 Grindaholics Anonymous

Led by Agency & Team Operations Coach, Tatiana O’Hara

The 7-step “rehab” program for CEOs who need operational structure, team support, and an extended vacation…

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as seen in

as seen in

client case studies

The self-taught business owner

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 "I realized I don't have to be afraid to bring someone on to help me."

case study

An operations makeover

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"Compared to before I joined the program, it's night and day."


Learning how to hire intentionally.

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"If I want what I want, not to work a billion hours a week, I have to let some things go and let other people in to help."


into ceo “rebab” if you:

it's time to check yourself

are scaling fast

hired a va

you know

want to be

are ready to

because your coach said so and are still in the weeds

take your company to the top of your industry with full confidence in how you’re going 
to get there….

more hands-off and trusting of your team

that systems are more than a good Clickup build

and starting to feel like an employee of your own business who’s *not* getting paid overtime

The prognosis is good.

We’ve helped 75+ CEOs recover by teaching them how to create operational structure, and build teams that support you and your vision while keeping you out of the everyday minutiae.

No sketchy contractors required

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Recover Method

Our 7 Step

The “how” to becoming the leader your team needs you to be


Module 1

Remove & detox yourself from the grind

  • Why thinking small is keeping you stuck

  • The #1 mistake when crafting your vision

  • How to stop building your business for just your clients. Cause you matter too.

This is the first step in your recovery. We’ll dig into mindset awareness, your CEO vision, and your company values. You’ll learn how to let go of old behaviors and cast a new vision for your company.


Module 2

Examine your offers

  • How to eliminate scope creep for good

  • The structure that may be missing and keeping you working 10+ hour days

  • Boundaries: which ones you need and how to enforce them with your clients and team

This module is all about refining the offers that align with your vision, and creating processes to make them scalable.Then, we put up boundaries to protect the new offers and processes you’ve built.


Module 3

Chart the Organization

  • Shifting roles: when and how-to prevent bottlenecks in your process

  • How to create your fool-proof 7-figure team

  • No more impulse hiring

  • Your lifetime business hiring plan 

This is the first step in your recovery. We’ll dig into mindset awareness, your CEO vision, and your company values. You’ll learn how to let go of old behaviors and cast a new vision for your company.


Module 4

Organize Hires

  • The innovative hiring process that’s helped our clients hire hundreds of dream team members

  • Never post “looking for a VA” on your social media again

  • How to make sure the person you hire matches what they told you in the interview

This is the first step in your recovery. We’ll dig into mindset awareness, your CEO vision, and your company values. You’ll learn how to let go of old behaviors and cast a new vision for your company.


Module 5

Validate Onboarding Needs

  • Why thinking small is keeping you stuck

  • The #1 mistake when crafting your vision

  • How to stop building your business for just your clients. Cause you matter too.

Part of wearing your HR hat includes onboarding and making sure the process is intentional and efficient for all parties involved. You’ll learn everything from legal requirements to setting clear expectations so your new team member feels supported in their new role. 


Module 6

Engage your Team 

  • The key to navigating tough talks around performance

  • How to create a productive meeting agenda 

  • When an email will suffice vs. a Zoom call 

  • Get 20% of your work week back through efficient operations

Keep your vision front of mind by communicating effectively with your team, managing expectations, conducting tough conversations, team meetings and other day-to-day elements of having a team.


Module 7

Relapse Avoidance

  • Effective leadership skills you won’t get from leadership books

  • Never fall back into micromanagement again

  • CEO scheduling and lifestyle

Arguably, the most important part that most programs miss. Once you’ve built it, how do you maintain it? This is all about how to STAY in the CEO seat and become confident in your leadership skills.

Within the first

90 Days of recovery, Grindaholics have:

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  • Reported better sleep, and better relationships since closing the laptop before dark

  • Worked an average of 10 hours less per week.

  • Picked up hobbies?!?! Our community has contributed to the recent increase in roller skate sales.

  • Taken over 7000 hours of vacation

  • Increased sales by more than 30%. Not by better marketing but by simply increasing capacity.

  • Started new companies, written books, spoken on stages, etc.

  • Decreased team payroll by 10-20% by refining roles and operations

Step one

Step two

step three

Send CEO the link to apply and remind them they have the opportunity to get on a decision call with Tatiana directly.

Direct CEO the Grindaholics IG account, encourage them to sit with the content, then navigate to the GA Sales Page. Admission is the first step.

Review CEO application & send official approval email (See: SOP - approving an applicant) so they can fix their team asap

here's a sneak peek

Directly from our Client Success Manager SOP.

Recovery Starts Here

the road to 

And probably ends with you on a beach somewhere – send pics! 

anonymous You'll get:



Instant Access to the Grindaholics Curriculum & RECOVER method

These aren’t “get rich quick” classes. The RECOVER method was created with the help of an instructional designer to make sure the content is digestible and easy to implement at your own pace. 

Personalized Onboarding & 
Milestone Calls

You’ll get a personalized plan of action and the flexibility to schedule 1:1 milestone calls on your own time as you progress throughout our 6 months together.

Coaching Calls

Live Q&A sessions with Tatiana where you’ll get support, strategy, and mindset guidance. And of course, access to the replays. You AND a team member are invited.

Monthly Systems Support Calls with Courtney Lazar of SystemsUp

Courtney is the Grindaholics resident systems expert providing clients support in all things systems from managing your CEO schedule to using software like Clickup and more.

Submission Feedback

Throughout the program, you’ll be able to get Tatiana’s feedback on anything you’re working on. Offers, applications, org charts, all of it! 

Hella Resources & Templates 

We have DFY meeting agendas, operations manuals, hiring guides, scripts, Clickup templates, swipe files– the works. 

Coworking & 
Office Hours

Need accountability to get that thing you’ve been putting off done? Want to talk through a team issue? Looking to make friends, hang out, maybe network? Join us for office hours hosted monthly.

Private Facebook 

All community owners say there isn’t a community like theirs, but we really mean it. The Grindaholics community is full of other supportive CEOs who have been in your shoes and are willing to help out and be a friend. 

Guest Expert Trainings for you AND your team

This program isn’t just for you as the CEO, it’s for the betterment of your WHOLE company. Team members are always welcome to any call. From financially prepping to getting legally legit, our guest experts gotchu. 

Hey, it's me Tatiana

After working as a District Manager fresh out of college managing 5 stores, $5M in monthly budgets, and being directly responsible for all team functions, I know how you’re feeling right now. In a word: “yikes.” After quitting in 2019 and taking my expertise online, I quickly identified similarities between corporate and the online space– the big one being a lack of team and leadership knowledge. 

Bridging the gap between having a successful business and a successful team is my favorite pastime. From what started as a passion project catering to all the “SOS” messages in my DMs, Grindaholics Anonymous has become a 6-month solution, 75+ students strong, designed to put people like you, back in the CEO role where they belong. To help you believe in the titles the world has given you.

breaking the 4th wall to level with you

Since the program started in 2020

  • Earned 20-30% more in revenue

  • Hired on average 2-3 team members

  • Leaned out and restructured teams to better fit their lifestyles 

  • Taken more than 7000 hours of vacation

  • Started new businesses, written books, and spoken on huge stages

  • Felt more confident as the CEO than ever

I’ve grown my own team to 5 and our clients have:

Grindaholics Anonymous

is a dynamic program that will truly take you from being an employee of your business to being the leader of it. I promise you, this is so much more than “how to scale to multi-six figures online.” This is how to run a company, recover from the grind, and build a legacy. 

This isn’t another coaching program.

I hope you'll join me.

- Tatiana

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i can’t believe how i’ve grown!

My 6 months are almost up and I can’t believe how much of grown and changed just because of this program. My backend systems completely redone to support a team and I just sent the test project to candidates for TWO positions.

proactive team members

My designer just messaged me saying, “So I’ve been thinking about how I can make instagram easier for you...”. Proactively coming to me with solutions without even being asked!

i’ve learned so much

I appreciate everything that I've learned and have been able to implement. I didn't even have click up or know what that was before I started this program. I've learned a lot and ya'll have been great. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

i have so much freedom!

I am slowly building my new team for 2022, I have a Tech VA, Podcast Editor, and looking for a High-Level VA right now. Thank you Tatiana Ciara O'Hara for this amazing program. It's literally changed my life and I am feeling so much freedom ALREADY !

only 8 hours a week of work

I have been averaging about eight hours a week of work and that's it. The team handles everything else! I remember I used to be a good 40 plus hours a week. 

Trust the process

For all of those who are going to start GA, I will be the first to tell you to TRUST the process. It can feel like a lot to get trhough but I’ve just come out of a meeting with my part time VA, who we offered a full time role and she was literally jumping for joy!


Several things lol, but here are the top differences. 1. We brought on an instructional designer to help make the curriculum digestible and easy to implement at your own pace – it’s honestly world class. 2. The RECOVER method - proven time and time again. 3. The material comes from my real world experience and is based on the results of hundreds of companies – not just MY success as an entrepreneur. 4. There are no co-coaches. 5. Our community is kept small intentionally so everyone gets the support and 1:1 attention they need.

No, but as your consultant I can provide you with resources and leadership training to make the recruitment process easier for your company.

Consulting and workshops are all hybrid (virtual & in-person) services. You’ll have access to me through a Client Portal where you can book sessions and schedule in-person training times/workshops.

Creating and maintaining phenomenal company culture
Tough conversations as a leader
Aligning the team with the company vision
Becoming the CEO of your role

Making you the delegator, not the doer







corp/govt consulting

guest speaking


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