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I know you're short on time so I'll keep this short. Working with you has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. Why? Because you get it. You understand there's so much more to this business thing than just making money. 

I also know that you've likely outgrown and out-performed a lot of your friends so you're stuck always feeling like the leader... but you also need support, right? You're looking for a safe space to figure out the next level of running this empire with your team. You may even be looking for your exit strategy in a few years. What would that even look like?

Once you figure out your team and operations a bit, you likely work yourself into a few new problems. & those are the ones your friends can't help you with. Your previous coaches maybe couldn't even help you with that because behind the scenes they really don't have much experience with next level team leadership and management. 

That's where I come (back) in. 

Phase 2


Six more months designed to help you unlock your team's potential 

Unlocking your team's potential 


You've hired the team and now you need it to run like a well oiled machine. 

You need a culture where people want to work. 

You want to remove yourself from the operation but you still want to be connected.

You're interested in having Full Time team members, but when?

You understand marketing and sales, but how do you actually run this thing?

What tough decisions do you have to make to meet your goals?

How can you pour into your team while keeping yourself full too?

How can we begin to address past traumas that may affect our leadership?

This is the leadership and operations guidance you & I have been wishing existed.

Well now it does & it won't be the same without you. 

I'm in!

anonymous You'll get:



Instant Access to the Grindaholics Curriculum & RECOVER method

These aren’t “get rich quick” classes. The RECOVER method was created with the help of an instructional designer to make sure the content is digestible and easy to implement at your own pace. 

 Milestone Calls

When you make a Full Time Hire or finalize your Culture Design Canvas you'll be able to jump on a 1:1 call with me.

Coaching Calls

Live Q&A sessions with Tatiana where you’ll get support, strategy, and mindset guidance. And of course, access to the replays. You AND a team member are invited. You know em and love em. These calls have both phase 1 and phase 2 clients on them to ensure you don't miss anything you may need.

Monthly Systems Support Calls with Courtney Lazar of SystemsUp

Courtney is the Grindaholics resident systems expert providing clients support in all things systems from managing your CEO schedule to using software like Clickup and more.

Submission Feedback

Throughout the program, you’ll be able to get Tatiana’s feedback on anything you’re working on. Offers, applications, org charts, all of it! 

Hella Resources & Templates 

We have DFY meeting agendas, operations manuals, hiring guides, scripts, Clickup templates, swipe files– the works. 

Coworking & 
Office Hours

Need accountability to get that thing you’ve been putting off done? Want to talk through a team issue? Looking to make friends, hang out, maybe network? Join us for office hours hosted monthly.

Private Facebook 

All community owners say there isn’t a community like theirs, but we really mean it. The Grindaholics community is full of other supportive CEOs who have been in your shoes and are willing to help out and be a friend. 

Guest Expert Trainings for you AND your team

This program isn’t just for you as the CEO, it’s for the betterment of your WHOLE company. Team members are always welcome to any call. From financially prepping to getting legally legit, our guest experts gotchu. 

Right now you may be thinking a couple things. 

Is this a good move for me right now?
How do I know the community will be right for me?
Do I have time for this?

Good thing I created this content with you in mind! I literally created solutions to the problems you're currently having in business, got a few people together that are going through the same things, and created and efficient and streamlined way to guide you guys through the solution. & trust me when I say the community is unmatched, but you already know that. 

You deserve to not only run a company that doesn't drain you, but to also experience joy while you do it. This is the fun part of business and I want to help you truly feel that. So other than hella value packed coaching & conversation, let's talk about what to expect when you're back in Grindaholics Anonymous:

$6,000 or $1,100/monthly for 6 months


  • 6 months access to support, content, and program
  • Weekly coaching calls with Tatiana
  • 30+ Lessons to study self paced
  • Coworking/Office Hours
  • 1:1 Milestone Calls
  • 1:1 Onboarding Calls
  • Guest Trainings
  • Tons of templates and resources
  • Private Facebook community 
  • Everything you need to build a thriving team

*Save $600 when you pay in full 

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